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Shark Chum, Fishing Chum, or just Chum... Whatever you call it… you will catch more fish with it… period.  Saltwater fishing is a bit different than fishing In a freshwater pond or stream. The ocean is a vast desert with small areas where prey fish congregate. Fish such as Sharks are always on the move searching these communities for their next meal.

Aquatic Nutrition, Inc. knows how to make fish bite. Getting fish excited by providing scents in the water is called “chumming”.  

Shark Fishing: experts agree that the more chum you deploy, the better your chances of attracting sharks to your location. Blood Stream Top Predator Chum is catching all varieties of sharks including Mako Sharks on the east and west coasts.

Sharks locate distant feeding opportunities mainly through scent. Bloodstream creates a Chum Slick throughout the water column and draws sharks from miles away.

Bloodstream Top Predator Chum  is a blood based shark fishing chum that combines the powerful scent of blood with the essence of oily prey species, bait-fish oils and solids that draws sharks from miles away. Each 5 lb kit contains the scent equivalent of 100 lbs of fresh bloody chum. Continuous slow dissolving formula lasts up to 8 hours.

Bring Chum… Or Stay On The Dock!!!

Blood Stream Shark Chum

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No Refrigeration Necessary

A single five pound kit will produce a Chum Slick 47 MILES long, 50 feet wide and 20 feet deep.

Shelf Stable and available in a

5 Pound Kit

A portion of Each Sale of BloodStream is Donated to the Research of Shark Species Worldwide. We Encourage Catch and Release Recreational Shark Fishing.

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